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Fujian Association for the Promotion of International Economic and Technological Cooperation (FAPET for short) grew out of Fujian Association of Foreign Economic and Technological Cooperation, which was set up on February 26th 1997. Approved by Fujian Pro...

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Investment Promotion

Provide services for Fujian enterprises to go global


Trade Promotion

Improve the cohesion and competiveness of...


Technological Cooperation

Bring about industrial upgrading and product...


Talents Exchange

Carry out training of middle- and senior-level...


    Fujian Province, referred to as" Min", the provincial capital of Fuzhou, is located in China's southeast coast, East Taiwan Strait in Taiwan province and the sea. In 221 BC, the Qin Dynasty is the Central County, and Fujian as an administrative division in China 's territory. Fujian province land plane inclined rectangular shape resembling a maximum distance of about 480 kilometers.